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RHD - Serial Killer

Post by Samuel_Underwood » June 18th, 2013, 2:56 pm

Case Details

ADDRESS OF OCCURRENCE: 1) Verona Beach Empty Pier, 2) Unity Station 3) Vinewood apartments
HOW RECEIVED: GND Preliminary Inquiry report

Involved People
-CENSORED-: show

Last Name: -CENSORED-
First Name: -CENSORED-
Gender: Female
Date of Birth/Age: 26
Domestic Address: Unknown
Phone Number: -CENSORED-
DNA results: Image
Arrest Record:File


Date Filed: 17/Jun/2013
Jane Doe: show
Jane Doe is the unidentified victim from the Empty Pier. The morgue could not identify her, but her cellphone was used to call the 911 on herself, fitting the Unity Station victim's pattern.
John Doe: show
John Doe is the unidentified suspect from Vinewood Apartments. The morgue could not identify him, but like the other victims, his cellphone was used to initiate the 911 call on his own death.
-CENSORED-: show

Last Name: --CENSORED-
First Name: -CENSORED-
Gender: Female
Date of Birth/Age: 21
Domestic Address: Unknown
Phone Number: -CENSORED-
DNA results: Image
Arrest Record:File


Date Filed: 17/Jun/2013
Investigator Narrative

Casefile MC-04 created following preliminary inquiry report from Gang and Narcotics Detective. Too late to perform in-depth analysis of crime scenes of first two victims. Will have to wait for killer to strike again before continuing. However, judging from the use of the word "Messiah" it is clear that suspect is conducting these murders with some sort of religious inclination. Removal of hands and feet on the second victim would appear to be for some sort of ritualistic reason. At this point it is unknown what the suspect intends to do with them.
- Lieutenant -CENSORED-
Forensics Analyzes Narrative
When I arrived on the third scene of crime, I found chewed hands and feet with nails that suggested it belonged to a female. DNA of these organs matched -CENSORED-, the identified victim from Unity Station. The bite marks and the DNA on the bite marks matched our suspect, -CENSORED-

Analysing what happened to the unidentified male victim, together with the morgue, we found out that the cause of death was the drilling in his head. After dusting the drill for fingerprints at the lab and taking the fingerprints of -CENSORED- - I could match and tell that the suspect held the drill.

The morgue further analysed the bodies of the victims as well as the organs and they found our suspect's DNA in their nails of the female victims. However the male victim was passed out when he was killed due to swallowing sleeping pills that the suspect admitted to putting in his wine.
- Detective I -CENSORED-
Investigator Narrative
17/JUNE/2013: Received a notification and received a number of 911 calls from dispatch. Headed out to the scene, at the apartments up in Vinewood, by the Burgershot. There a perimeter had already been set up by SASD Deputies. SWAT had also been called. The suspect exited the apartment of her own volition, however, and she was promptly secured. Murder weapon was recovered on the spot, a drill. Still bloody. Apartment was cleared by SWAT who then pulled out. Myself and Detective -CENSORED- entered the apartment and began looking over the scene. Analysing the scene we found that the victim was dead, killed via a hole in his head, caused by the drill the suspect was wielding. Also found were the hands and feet of what we surmised and discovered to belong to an earlier victim, -CENSORED-. Also found were sleeping pills and other odds and ends. Eventually we surmised that, and later confirmed, the suspect had set up the meeting under the pretense of a "Date" as it were, and promptly drugged the victim, who turned out to be a John Doe and was unidentifiable, and killed him. Detective -CENSORED- later arrived on scene and conducted a full forensic analysis which he will note upon separately

We proceeded to the OCI Offices, where Captain -CENSORED- had already brought the suspect. She was promptly frisked and identified as a Miss -CENSORED-. The details of the interview can be found with the recording but it was, without a doubt, shocking and disturbing in the extreme. Said suspect confessed to all three murders and cannibalism and was charged accordingly. She is now serving a lengthy prison sentence in SACF.

-Lieutenant -CENSORED-

Case Investigations Log
  • 17/JUN/2013 - Bodies of VICTIM 1, 2 and 3 found with a similar pattern.
  • 17/JUN/2013 - Suspect -CENSORED- was sent to prison for Triple Homicide and kidnapping.
Case Evidence

  • RECORD #1 -
    Pictures: show
    **Messiah would be written on the wall above in the victim's blood. The victim would also be lying in a pool of blood.**
  • RECORD #2 -
    Shoeprints: show
    **Bloodied footprints would be leading away from the body.**
  • RECORD #3 - DNA of the found feet and hands match -CENSORED- DNA, victim from Unity Station.
    DNA: show
  • RECORD #4 - DNA of the bite marks found on -CENSORED- organs match the suspect's DNA.
    DNA: show
  • RECORD #5 - DNA of the skin cells from the nails of -CENSORED- and victim Jane Doe match the suspect's DNA.
  • RECORD #6 - Dusted fingerprints on John Doe's murder weapon, the drill, are a match to the suspect's fingerprints.
    Fingerprint: show
  • RECORD #7 - The voice of the caller for all three 911 calls is the suspect's voice, each time used by the victim's phone.
    911 records: show
    |_____________911 Call_____________|
    Caller: Ph:1032922
    Location: [PH:1408766] Under Empty Pier, Verona beach
    Situation: [PH 1408766] Woman, multiple knife wounds.

    |_____________911 Call_____________|
    Caller: Ph:1032922
    Location: [PH: 1026310] Unity Station's subway, dark one, near railroad
    Situation: [PH: 1026310] Female with several knife wounds.

    From the apartment:

    |_____________911 Call_____________|

    Caller: Ph:1032922

    Location: I'm drilling holes in guys legs

    Situation: Appartments next to burgershot

    |_____________911 Call_____________|

    Caller: Ph:1032922

    Location: Oh-oh-ho. Still chilling with this guy inside one of Temple appartments

    Situation: *male's screams on background* He is about to die! Messiah sends his texting!
  • RECORD #8 - Suspect Interrogation
    Interrogation((PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A VOICE RECORDING)): show
    :22:15] Samuel Underwood says: Interview in regards to MC-04 begins at..`
    [20:22:20] * Samuel Underwood checks the time.
    [20:22:28] Samuel Underwood says: Twenty One Eleven on the...
    [20:22:30] * Meghan Stranger got hysterical facial expression, rolling her eyes, sativa line on a edge of her ...
    [20:22:30] * ... lips (( Meghan Stranger ))
    [20:22:40] Samuel Underwood says: Seventeenth of June, Twenty Thirteen.
    [20:22:50] Samuel Underwood says: Present are Detectives Underwood and Edwards.
    [20:23:01] Samuel Underwood says: As well as the suspect a miss.. Meghan Stranger.
    [20:23:12] Samuel Underwood says: So. Miss Stranger.
    [20:23:14] Samuel Underwood says: Let's start.
    [20:23:15] * Meghan Stranger slides her tongue, wiping her own blood with it
    [20:23:21] Samuel Underwood says: Who's this messiah?
    [20:23:40] Meghan Stranger says: Messiah. One that chosen by god. Divine soul!
    [20:23:46] Samuel Underwood says: Chosen how?
    [20:24:07] Meghan Stranger says: Chosen how? *bursts in laughter*
    [20:24:12] > Samuel Underwood sets down the folder, opening it up briefly he flips through it.
    [20:24:15] Samuel Underwood says: Yeah. Chosen.
    [20:24:33] Meghan Stranger says: By gods power and will
    [20:24:35] Bryn Edwards says: God can't help you now love.
    [20:24:45] Samuel Underwood says: Alright.
    [20:24:48] Samuel Underwood says: So, tell us something.
    [20:24:54] Samuel Underwood says: Are you the messiah?
    [20:25:30] Meghan Stranger says: No, I'm sword of the messiah. I tried to send you few letter-... But you all-...
    [20:25:30] Meghan Stranger Shouts: You ALL DE-E-EAF!
    [20:25:40] Samuel Underwood says: You never sent us any letters.
    [20:25:44] Samuel Underwood says: We've received nothing.
    [20:25:44] * Meghan Stranger shakes on a seat, resuming her hysterical laughter
    [20:25:49] > Samuel Underwood shakes his head, sighing.
    [20:25:52] Samuel Underwood says: So you're the sword.
    [20:25:57] Samuel Underwood says: Why are you the sword?
    [20:26:11] Meghan Stranger says: The hurricane-... Hurricane was a first step-... First step to apocalypsis-...
    [20:26:20] Meghan Stranger says: I had a chance, had a chance to avoid second step!
    [20:26:26] Meghan Stranger says: But you, you ruined-...
    [20:26:28] Samuel Underwood says: And what's the second step?
    [20:26:31] Meghan Stranger says: I was just-.. just showing you!
    [20:26:38] Meghan Stranger says: Earthquakes and hurricanes!
    [20:26:43] Samuel Underwood says: Come on now, try and stay with us.
    [20:26:47] Samuel Underwood says: Showing us what?
    [20:26:47] Meghan Stranger says: Messiah said-... Thousands of voices-...
    [20:26:58] * Bryn Edwards coughs.
    [20:27:16] Meghan Stranger says: Showing you that /HURRICANE/ was planned by /highest/ power. By messiah!
    [20:27:30] Samuel Underwood says: But if you're the sword of the messiah.
    [20:27:35] Meghan Stranger says: Messiah told me, that i can wipe 7 sinners, and then i'll avoid earthquake!
    [20:27:37] Samuel Underwood says: And you were trying to prevent the steps.
    [20:27:46] Samuel Underwood says: But he created these things?
    [20:27:51] Meghan Stranger says: Yeah, he is.
    [20:27:57] Samuel Underwood says: So why did you try to stop the messiah?
    [20:28:02] Samuel Underwood says: If you're his sword?
    [20:28:05] Meghan Stranger says: He is just trying to help, us, help us all to feel our mistakes.
    [20:28:15] Samuel Underwood says: By creating a hurricane, yes?
    [20:28:25] Meghan Stranger says: He assists me in understanding of mistakes-... Mistakes of human beings
    [20:28:29] Meghan Stranger says: Yes!
    [20:28:37] Samuel Underwood says: What mistakes?
    [20:28:46] Meghan Stranger says: Seven deadly sins!
    [20:29:01] Samuel Underwood says: Oh?
    [20:29:04] Meghan Stranger says: We fed got up with our behavior! Lay on your knees now!
    [20:29:18] Samuel Underwood says: I uhh, see.
    [20:29:24] Samuel Underwood says: Now. Let's try and get on track.
    [20:29:35] Samuel Underwood says: Let's start with the Verona pier.
    [20:29:38] Samuel Underwood says: The girl under it.
    [20:29:41] Samuel Underwood says: You stabbed her.
    [20:29:43] Samuel Underwood says: Why?
    [20:29:51] Meghan Stranger says: Crackhead-... Crackhead-...
    [20:29:53] Meghan Stranger says: Crackhead!
    [20:29:57] Meghan Stranger Shouts: CRACKHEA-A-AD!
    [20:30:05] Samuel Underwood says: You killed her because she was a crackhead?
    [20:30:25] Meghan Stranger says: Drug addicted prostitute!
    [20:30:35] Meghan Stranger says: Messiah told me to do it-...
    [20:30:37] Samuel Underwood says: But why her?
    [20:30:38] Meghan Stranger says: Messiah chosen her.
    [20:31:00] Samuel Underwood says: How does he choose, Meghan? How?
    [20:31:14] Meghan Stranger says: Thousand of voices came to me. They was talking to me. They are divine-...
    [20:31:17] Meghan Stranger says: This voices.
    [20:31:23] * Meghan Stranger smiles in pleasure as she says that
    [20:31:34] Meghan Stranger says: But they can turn-.. They can turn wicked, to force me!
    [20:31:39] Samuel Underwood says: And, these voices, they are the messiah?
    [20:31:52] * Meghan Stranger runs an stressed facial expression then, quickly changing emotions on her face
    [20:31:59] Meghan Stranger says: Yes, they are the messiah!
    [20:32:02] * Bryn Edwards looks through some evidence that is in front of him.
    [20:32:15] > Samuel Underwood rubs his forehead, looking through the folder
    [20:32:23] Meghan Stranger says: But there is one rule, messiah asking for-...
    [20:32:28] Samuel Underwood says: Yes?
    [20:32:42] * Meghan Stranger lowers her face, whispering in sharp tone
    [20:32:54] * Meghan Stranger darts her eyes deeply to Samuel's eyes
    [20:33:13] * You'll notice Meghan's eyes pupils shaking due to hysterical stance ((Meghan Stranger))
    [20:33:20] > Samuel Underwood adjusts his glasses, staring blankly at Meghan
    [20:33:27] Meghan Stranger says: To fed myself with sinner's flesh
    [20:33:44] Samuel Underwood says: And why do you need to eat the flesh?
    [20:34:15] Meghan Stranger says: Because, I was chosen by messiah. I got fed myself with their dirty flesh, with ...
    [20:34:15] Meghan Stranger says: ... sinners flesh.
    [20:34:22] * Bryn Edwards leans on the desk glaring at Meghan.
    [20:34:29] Meghan Stranger says: I'm a victim of myself, of my destination.
    [20:34:39] Samuel Underwood says: But why do you /need/ the flesh?
    [20:34:43] Samuel Underwood says: What does it do for you?
    [20:35:13] Meghan Stranger says: The more sinners flesh i ate, then less voices comes to me.
    [20:35:19] Meghan Stranger says: They are too loud, too loud now!
    [20:35:24] Meghan Stranger says: Please, stop it, please!
    [20:35:36] Samuel Underwood says: Uh-huh..
    [20:35:41] * Meghan Stranger burts in crying, lowering her face as she starts shaking her knees
    [20:35:41] Samuel Underwood says: Meghan. I'm going to show you a picture now.
    [20:35:46] Meghan Stranger says: Stop talking, stop talking to me!
    [20:35:50] > Samuel Underwood removes a picture from the folder, pushing it in front of Meghan
    [20:35:55] Meghan Stranger says: Thousands of them! They are too loud!
    [20:35:57] * It would be a picture of Victoria Sinatra. ((Samuel Underwood))
    [20:36:00] Samuel Underwood says: You recognize the girl?
    [20:36:20] * Meghan Stranger stops crying, running blank facial expression
    [20:36:27] Samuel Underwood says: From the train station?
    [20:36:56] * Meghan Stranger slides her tongue out trying to reach picture with her tongue as she bends towar ...
    [20:36:56] * ... ds table (( Meghan Stranger ))
    [20:37:05] Samuel Underwood says: Woah lassy.
    [20:37:12] > Samuel Underwood pulls the picture back, returning it to the folder
    [20:37:18] Samuel Underwood says: Why her, Meghan?
    [20:37:28] * Meghan Stranger straights herself to previous position
    [20:37:38] * Bryn Edwards checks the time.
    [20:37:44] > Samuel Underwood looks over at Bryn, sighing.
    [20:37:46] Meghan Stranger says: She said that she can bring me a gun.
    [20:37:54] Samuel Underwood says: Find out where Doakes has got to will you, please?
    [20:38:02] Bryn Edwards says: Sure.
    [20:38:07] Samuel Underwood says: Okay, Meghan. But why did you kill her?
    [20:38:12] Meghan Stranger says: Violent people-... Violent people in town.
    [20:38:17] Samuel Underwood says: For the benefit of the tape, Detective Edwards has left the room.
    [20:38:21] Meghan Stranger says: Feel me, detective?
    [20:38:24] Samuel Underwood says: No.
    [20:38:30] Samuel Underwood says: Why did you kill the girl?
    [20:38:50] Samuel Underwood says: Explain, Meghan.
    [20:38:52] Meghan Stranger says: She offered me a weapon. She trading /death/.
    [20:39:04] Samuel Underwood says: Why did you ask her for the weapon?
    [20:39:16] Meghan Stranger says: Because voices said me to do so.
    [20:39:28] Meghan Stranger says: They asked me to check, if she is a-... a sinner
    [20:39:30] Meghan Stranger says: And she was!
    [20:39:33] Meghan Stranger says: For her bad!
    [20:39:34] Samuel Underwood says: Right..
    [20:39:39] Samuel Underwood says: And the man, Meghan?
    [20:39:43] Samuel Underwood says: The man in the apartment?
    [20:39:44] Samuel Underwood says: Why him?
    [20:40:11] Meghan Stranger says: Voices commanded me.
    [20:40:21] Samuel Underwood says: But what did he do?
    [20:40:24] Samuel Underwood says: What was his sin?
    [20:40:47] Meghan Stranger says: He wanted to buy an sexual-... sexual things from me-...
    [20:40:56] Meghan Stranger says: Tried to force to have sex, sex for money.
    [20:41:12] Meghan Stranger says: Have you ever been raped?
    [20:41:14] Samuel Underwood says: But you fed him..Sleeping pills, did you not?
    [20:41:21] * Meghan Stranger smiles widely
    [20:41:26] > Samuel Underwood blinks at Meghan, looking affronted
    [20:41:37] Meghan Stranger says: Oh, i see-...
    [20:41:48] Meghan Stranger says: You never been raped.
    [20:41:55] Samuel Underwood says: Well...No..
    [20:42:04] Samuel Underwood says: Now,Meghan. The sleeping pills.
    [20:42:11] Samuel Underwood says: Why'd you give him the sleeping pills?
    [20:42:12] Meghan Stranger says: So innocent, so helpless-... No one to help-...
    [20:42:26] Meghan Stranger says: Do you think i can beat adult male?
    [20:42:46] Samuel Underwood says: How'd you drug him?
    [20:42:59] Meghan Stranger says: Invited him for a dinner. Voices was leading me.
    [20:43:17] Meghan Stranger says: And then-... Crimean wine-...
    [20:43:20] Samuel Underwood says: Uh-huh.
    [20:43:27] Meghan Stranger says: I was about to dinner with-...
    [20:43:29] Meghan Stranger says: Dinner with his flash
    [20:43:37] * Meghan Stranger bursts in laughter
    [20:43:50] Samuel Underwood says: Flash?
    [20:43:55] * Meghan Stranger rolling her eyes occasionally
    [20:44:02] Meghan Stranger says: Yes, flesh.
    [20:44:13] Samuel Underwood says: Oh, Flesh.
    [20:44:25] Samuel Underwood says: However.
    [20:44:29] Samuel Underwood says: One thing I don't get, Meghan.
    [20:44:36] Samuel Underwood says: You stabbed the other two, cut them.
    [20:44:39] Samuel Underwood says: Why did you use a drill?
    [20:44:41] * You may notice that Meghan is sweating badly due to her hysterical psychologica ((Meghan Stranger)) ...
    [20:44:41] * ... l stance ((Meghan Stranger))
    [20:45:15] Meghan Stranger says: I dropped my knife to the ocean.
    [20:45:23] Samuel Underwood says: Why did you do that?
    [20:48:32] Samuel Underwood says: So why'd you drop the knife into the ocean?
    [20:48:39] Meghan Stranger says: Cruisers-...
    [20:48:45] Samuel Underwood says: Cruisers?
    [20:49:03] Samuel Underwood says: What about them?
    [20:49:09] Meghan Stranger says: Messiah said that i dont need to bring knife with me
    [20:49:13] Meghan Stranger says: There is -...
    [20:49:19] Meghan Stranger says: Eyes everywhere-...
    [20:49:23] Meghan Stranger says: Those cruisers-...
    [20:49:26] Samuel Underwood says: I see...
    [20:49:40] Samuel Underwood says: Back to the point of the hands and feet.
    [20:49:42] Meghan Stranger says: Messiah, talking to me-... Every second, every single moment
    [20:49:48] Samuel Underwood says: Why'd you only chew them? Why didn't you eat them completely?
    [20:50:06] * Bryn Edwards looks down at his pager.
    [20:50:17] Meghan Stranger says: I was about to make a good dinner today's evening
    [20:50:26] Samuel Underwood says: And I've heard enough
    [20:50:31] Samuel Underwood says: interview concluded at..
    [20:50:31] * Samuel Underwood checks the time.
    [20:50:37] Samuel Underwood says: Twenty One Thirty Nine.
    [20:50:48] Samuel Underwood says: Suspect to be incarcerated for triple homicide.
  • RECORD #9 - Sleeping pills collected from the third crime scene. Autopsy confirmed the victim swallowed some of the pills.
  • RECORD #10 - Meal from the table: Wine and food. Confirmed as the way the suspect drugged the victim with the sleeping pills.
  • RECORD #11 - Additional photos from the third crime scene.
    Spoiler: show






  • Record #12 -Initial Incident report from Gangs and Narcotics Division
    Initial preliminary report from Gangs and Narcotics Detective II -CENSORED-: show
    -CENSORED- wrote:Dispatch received two 911 calls today - one at 16:32 and the latter at 17:35 - both detailing a similar situation where a female victim was located with multiple knife wounds. As no RHD detective was available, myself, GND Detective -CENSORED- conducted initial investigations.

    I was called to the Unity Station scene via CONTROL where upon arrival I was met by Lieutenants -CENSORED- and -CENSORED-. The pair lead me down into the underpass where I was presented with a female victim. The victim had both hands and feet removed, none of which were found in the proximity. A message was also left on the wall, written in the victim's blood, which read 'Messiah'. There were also several bloodied footprints leading away from the scene.

    According to the Lieutenants present on scene, this was the second incident that had occurred today, the first of which I was not present at myself. However, both scenes were what appear to be the same MO (feet and hands removed, 'Messiah' written on the wall).

    I have included photographs taken at the scene of the crime as well as a copy of the dispatch tapes.

    First call:
    [16:32:59] |_____________911 Call_____________|
    [16:32:59] Caller: Ph:1032922
    [16:32:59] Location: [PH:1408766] Under Empty Pier, Verona beach
    [16:32:59] Situation: [PH 1408766] Woman, multiple knife wounds.
    Second call:
    [17:35:31] |_____________911 Call_____________|
    [17:35:31] Caller: Ph:1032922
    [17:35:31] Location: [PH: 1026310] Unity Station's subway, dark one, near railroad
    [17:35:31] Situation: [PH: 1026310] Female with several knife wounds.
    Note that the same caller phoned in both incidents.

    Spoiler: show
    **Messiah would be written on the wall above in the victim's blood. The victim would also be lying in a pool of blood.**

    **Bloodied footprints would be leading away from the body.**
    The coroner report suggests that the victim detailed here died from blood loss. No weapons/instruments were found on scene.

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